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Valor Constructors Consulting Services

Design-Build Constructability Reviews

Design-build projects are becoming the norm with Federal and State Agencies, it is important to establish the basis of design early in the process and to follow the design changes closely as they relate to schedule and budget. Many companies go out of business because they do not track the constructability of the project design and end up over building or designing items that are difficult and not budgeted. Simple reviews of design drawings and specifications can help keep the design on schedule and within budget, this leads to better collaboration and project completion.

Program & Project Management Coordination

Project management is best defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the process principles in which defining project goals and objectives (initiation) are followed through with planning, execution, monitoring/ control and close out. With this understanding we manage the coordination during the various phases that a project goes through from its conception to completion. Collaboration between project shareholders is one of the most important aspects of leading a successful project or not. If shareholders are well informed of constraints and opportunities they can make valuable decisions to maximize quality, efficiency and costs on the project.

Inspection: Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

Inspections are an important aspect of implementing and enforcing quality control on a project. A well-defined Quality Control Plan (QCP) can be the difference between having to spend thousands of dollars going back to complete activities and having your reputation ruined or building a project where quality control is implemented from beginning to end and warranties are not required to be used. It is better to catch a mistake before it occurs than catching it later and having the mistake cost valuable time and money. Valor understands the importance of inspections and has performed inspections on numerous major heavy construction projects on the border. Valor is a licensed General Contractor Corporation that provides both commercial and government inspection services.

The importance of rigid inspections and feedback are imperative to efficient, quality construction. Valor can give you the satisfaction of knowing that projects in the field are being given the attention and support that is needed.